Better Renting in Hackney

In March Hackney Council gained new powers to punish rogue landlords in the Borough as part of the Better Renting campaign. They have put a new licensing scheme in place that covers major wards Stoke Newington, Brownswood, and Cazenove. As a result, private rental properties in these areas will need a license. This also includes HMOs where two households or more share facilities.

What does it mean for landlords?

The new licensing means each landlord has more responsibilities. Therefore they will have to be more proactive in terms of ensuring there are no serious problems with homes. For example they should look out for things like mould, vermin, dangerous gas appliances, and exposed wiring.

Each private rental property will require a license. To obtain one the home will need to be habitable and comply with the council’s standards. This means there shouldn’t be any serious hazards.

Are there any penalties?

Rogue landlords can be punished in several ways. Failure to get a license as well as not complying with the standards can result in big fines if prosecution is successful. The landlord could even have to pay back up to a year of the rent. Banning orders are also possible, prohibiting individuals from letting properties.

The issue with rogue landlords in Hackney is quite serious. Estimates claim that over 33,000 households in the area live in rental properties. This amounts to around one in every three people living in the Borough. There is high demand for homes, as a result rogues have more opportunities to find people who desperately need homes. Fortunately, the local council is doing more to ensure these tenants are not vulnerable to exploitation.

Work with a reliable agent

Landlords could be held responsible if the letting agent they work with fails to maintain the required standards. Therefore it is more important than ever to work with a reliable team. Finefair fits this bill perfectly. More importantly, we are the best for guaranteed rent Hackney has to offer. This means we offer professional services as well as additional benefits.

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