Rare new homes in Greenwich

Greenwich is without a doubt one of the most interesting Boroughs in the whole of London. Part of it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, preserving the fantastic maritime history of the area. Another part is a former industrial area that is now changing rapidly thanks to the construction of numerous skyscrapers.

As you would expect much of the development work that is going on is located in Greenwich Peninsula, transforming the Brownfield sites. There are also a number of projects in the historic centre of the area though. These help to create more new homes in areas where demand is very high.

Investors can find a lot of opportunities in the area. There are plenty of attractive amenities in both parts of the Borough. For one there are good transport links and commuting to Canary Wharf, the City, and the West End is easy. As a result demand is quite high for properties, both for sale and rental.

Rare new homes in the historic centre

It is quite rare to see new homes built in significant numbers in old Greenwich. This is because the area has protection and space is at a premium. As a result when properties are created they can come with healthy premiums.

One of the latest projects will see the creation of 83 new homes. Impressively 50% of them are for shared ownership and a further 25% are for affordable rent. This means the development will cater for an array of different residents. The project is called the Gramercy Greenwich and will also create new shops.

Investment opportunity

Greenwich is a Borough that is changing dramatically. The developments attract investors seeking opportunities for healthy rental returns and long term capital gains. Finefair can help clients who are looking for the perfect properties to invest in. We are a professional team and can arrange a wide array of different options, from private letting to the best council leasing Greenwich has to offer. This means we can adapt to suit different needs.

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