There are many beautiful areas in Richmond Upon Thames

The Borough of Richmond Upon Thames is one of the most unique in the capital. It has an incredible combination of world famous attractions, large parks, and built-up areas. These are covered in the latest Visit Richmond Guide 2017.

You may be wondering why we would mention a guide that is primarily aimed at tourists and visitors but there is a great reason. Living close to these attractions, particularly the parks, green spaces, and stretches of riverside, provides premiums on properties. This means that good homes in the areas can make really incredible investments.

Richmond itself feels more like a village than a large town. It has an huge amount of charm and a very lively calendar of cultural events. In terms of entertainment there are plenty of options, only bettered by those available in Central London itself.

Kew Village surrounds the railway station and is adjacent to the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens. The area has a wonderful community spirit and vibrant atmosphere. Both make it very attractive to residents.

Barnes, Mortlake and Sheen is one of the largest areas in the Borough and is situated in a wonderful location. The River Thames acts as a natural boundary between the area and Hammersmith. The finish point of the annual Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge is also on the river in the area. There is plenty of greenery to enjoy and some wonderful shops too.

Ham and Petersham is one of the most incredible areas in the Richmond Upon Thames Borough. It is home to the finest houses in the area from the Victorian and Edwardian period. The history of the area is wonderful and nature lovers will feel right at home too.

Whitton was once referred to as a ‘market garden’ by the Victorians. It is famous for the myriad of flowers and fruits grown in the area. Families really love the area, particularly because it retains its village feel and has a diverse community. The myriad of specialist shops are really attractive too.

At Finefair we have a great knowledge of the area, having worked as a lettings agent in Richmond Upon Thames for a number of years. We can assist people looking for a home in an area that suits them, particularly if they are planning to purchase an investment property.

As you can see above there are plenty of great locations to choose from (we haven’t been able to mention all of them). Please contact us for help deciding which is best for you.