Property listings leaped up in Redbridge in January

Recent data from the Property Supply Index by online estate agent House Simple showed that the number of property listings in January 2017 jumped to pre-Christmas levels. They examined the number of properties being listed in 100 major areas, including every London Borough. They found that every town and city across the UK saw a rise in properties listed in this period. An incredible 21.7% of them saw increases of 100% or more in comparison to December.

In London, Redbridge saw the highest leap in new listings of any other Borough. The House Simple data shows that the area saw a rise of 216.5%. The second highest growth area was Bromley with 184.5%. Both are impressive, particularly when you take into account the fact that the average for the capital was 121.7%.

The rise in supply is impressive and very positive. It means the number of listings returns to those seen in the lead up to Christmas, slightly behind October but ahead of November. This is good news, particularly with the continuing disruption being caused by the political situation.

The boost in supply, especially in the capital, will be good news for buyers and prospective investors. Redbridge in particular offers a number of attractive locations. Those close to stations, especially ones receiving Crossrail, are the most popular. The close proximity to transport links results in big demand from tenants.

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