Southwark has a wonderful stretch of Riverside

Southwark Riverside is considered to be one of the best stretches of the South Bank of the Thames. It is a beautiful walk with a wonderful backdrop of landmarks to enjoy. Nowhere else along the river can you see so many different iconic buildings so close together, from the Tate Modern to Tower Bridge and Southwark Cathedral.

The location is ideal, putting residents close to the centre of the city and the array of attractions on offer. The popularity of the area has given rise to a vibrant population, all kinds of great bars, restaurants and shops, and various entertainment options.

The stretch of Riverside and streets close by are very popular with students and young professionals. The location is ideal for commuting thanks to the myriad of transport links. With them people can travel all across the capital for work or to study and get to live in a vibrant area with a wonderful community and great attractions.

The popularity of the area results in high demand for homes and pushes prices up. Properties with views of the river and iconic landmarks command the most value, generally enjoying healthy premiums. Locations close to the stations are also in demand with higher prices as a result.

Countless investors are drawn to invest in properties in Southwark because the property prices are more affordable than Boroughs on the North Bank and the demand for homes is high. This creates a great situation and the potential for good returns.

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Estate management in Southwark is one area where we excel. Several problems can arise with estates due to the size and layout. We have the experience to address and overcome these issues, ensuring we satisfy the requirements of our clients.

If you would like some tips on managing estates or the kind of properties to look out for in Southwark we can help.