Barnes could be your next home

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What do people love about Barnes?

There are many things that entice families to Barnes in Richmond upon Thames. For some it is the first rate private schools. For others, it is the village atmosphere. The village’s heart is a charming pond where the plants are green and lush for most of the year. In addition, there are swathes of pink rosebay willowherb that flutter in the wind.

Rose House overlooks the pond. This is a peculiar pink Georgian property that houses the Barnes Community Association. Over the years they have done their best to safeguard the village from over-development. In the present day, they also operate public events like the Barnes Fair. This takes place on the second Saturday in July. It attracts around 15,000 visitors.

A more recent addition to the event calendar is the Food Fair. It features cooking demos from some of the area’s finest chefs as well as other entertainment.


As for property, there is double the amount of houses to purchase as there are to rent. Despite this fact, it is a decent place to look for family rental houses in excellent condition. Another popular option is the mansion flats. They can have as many as three bedrooms, making them great for small families.

At Finefair, one of the things we do is look at the possibility of changing properties. We do this because it could make a large difference to your financial situation. For example you may be able to create a HMO and boost the rental income. With our assistance, you will have no problem coming up with a property plan that works.

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