Are there any attractions in the City of London?

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The City of London stands as the core of our capital. The Romans are the ones responsible for establishing what would eventually become the city. Today, it is one of London’s most active and prosperous areas. You may not be aware of this fact, but the Square Mile also has plenty of sights to see. The following are some of the finest examples.

Great Fire of London

There is the Monument to the Great Fire of London. This column is within the City’s centre. If you find yourself in the local area, this is something you won’t want to miss. The fire itself remains one of London’s most infamous events. It’s even possible to see the effects of it to this day. Anyone who is after a brilliant photo opportunity should seek out this monument at Fish Street Hill.


Another attraction you’ll want to check out is Guildhall. To locate this historic City Hall, you’ll need to journey to Gresham Street. It has remained in the same spot since the 12th century. Right through contemporary history, Guildhall has acted as a principal economic as well as political hub. It has therefore had a role in all of London’s crucial financial decisions.

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