Westminster City Council’s successful partnerships

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Successful Partnerships

Councils often partner with the private and third sectors to find new solutions for the delivery of housing. The work is often driven by the unique aspects of the sites. This is along with needing to re-provide facilities and services that people cannot easily transplant as there isn’t a suitable alternative.

Dolphin Living has projects like this under development. One of these is redeveloping facilities, a youth club and community centre, and also creating 73 new homes. These will be available for rent with two thirds being affordable. This will allow the council to increase the quantity of accessible housing in the area.

The other project is a partnership with the Westbourne Park Baptist Church. This is to redevelop their church near Paddington Station. The building was the home of a popular children’s library, church, and other church-run community facilities. Due to its age, it is now at the end of its useful life. The scheme for this site is mixed-use to create replacement facilities for the council and community.

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