Another £38million to improve council housing

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The local authority of Barking and Dagenham recently pledged £38million to improve the condition of council houses. This cash boost has brought the entire amount spent on the area up to £88million. The Decent Homes programme focuses on ensuring that people in social housing have great properties.

Guaranteed rent Barking and DagenhamCabinet members for housing and regeneration have made statements on this matter. One individual said that they have a vital job to construct new houses for the residents. At the same time, they realise it’s important to invest in the current housing stock. They want to make certain they offer homes that the locals are proud to live in. Via the Decent Homes programme, they are able to meet this goal.

The work to be completed

In 2018, surveyors had a look at council homes all over the borough. Following this, they wrote a list of properties that would require repairs during this fiscal year. The work includes enhancing lifts, doors, windows, and heating systems.

This is on top of work already complete such as the replacement of over 9,000 boilers, bathrooms, and kitchens between April 2018 and March 2019. In addition, 140 homes had further insulation put into their ground floor bathrooms. The intention here was to cut energy bills.

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