Why does Havering have so much potential?

When you look at which London Boroughs have the best potential for future growth Havering has to feature high up the list. It has been overlooked for a long time in favour of neighbouring areas. As a result there are plenty of opportunities. More and more people are clicking on to this fact and looking at the chances for property investment Havering has.

Three JVs

Regeneration is finally arriving in the Borough, creating new homes, workspaces, and transport links. It is being driven by three huge projects that were agreed between 2017 and 2018. The joint partnerships are with Havering Council and:

Notting Hill Housing

This project will create 700 new homes on the Rainham and Beam Park Housing Zone. Alongside the residential development there will also be a new Crossrail Station and a park.

First Base and Savills Investment Management

Bridge Close is a regeneration hotspot. The JV will deliver approximately 850 new homes and infrastructure. There will also be community and business spaces.

Wates Residential

This £1billion estate regeneration project will be one of the largest in London. Over a 12 year period the current 966 homes will be replaced by 3,000 new, high quality units across a dozen different estates.

Attracting businesses

A major thing the local council would like to do is make the Borough more attractive to businesses. As a result there are several other projects in the pipeline. One of them is SEGRO Park Rainham, a new industrial estate with modern facilities.

Havering has a distinct lack of grade-A office space. As a result large businesses are unable to base their HQs or regional offices here, despite the affordable rents per square foot. New investment could change this and the new transport infrastructure will also help.

Investing in the potential

With so much going on in the area a lot of investors are thinking about the chance for long term capital gains. Finefair can help with this. We look for the best prospects for property investment Havering has, ensuring we can advise our clients. If you want to find out more, or want to look at our other services like guaranteed rent, visit our website or contact us.