Overseas buyers choose areas with good schools

The best areas to invest in are those with lots of demand and great prices. Some property owners have concerns though because if these properties are uninhabited they can lose out on a lot of income. Finefair appreciate this worry and offer a useful service to provide assurances against it. As the top team for guaranteed rent Harrow and the whole of London has, we have the solution.

Private schools and universities

One of the main things Harrow stands out for is that it is home to one of the most prestigious schools in the capital. The all boys boarding school is private and is popular with wealthy families. A number of notable people have attended, including Winston Churchill, several monarchs, industry giants and also people from media and art.

Areas with good schools and universities are among the most popular places for overseas investors to buy homes. This is because they want to secure properties that will help their children get into their chosen school or university.

Figures from Knight Frank show that in the year to May 2,162 properties were bought by overseas buyers for this aim. In total these homes cost around £2billion. The average price for one was £925,000. In the 12 months prior to this the total for sales was £1.65billion, showing that investments are on the rise.

In London the most popular areas are Harrow, Westminster, and areas with the best universities. Outside the capital the most attractive destinations are Eton, Cambridge, Oxford, and Durham.


The rise in investments comes when many people fear the affects of the UK’s exit from the EU. Many buyers are looking long term though and are therefore not deterred. A number of families are looking at homes they or their children can live in for ten years or more. This means they have fewer concerns about the short to medium term shocks to the market.

Investors from overseas looking at the UK come from a number of destinations. The most common are China as well as Hong Kong, both of which currently benefit from attractive currency rates. Other popular locations include Singapore, India, and Russia.

Finefair can help clients looking at the long term. We offer many useful services, including the very best guaranteed rent Harrow and other parts of London can ask for. With full support and also professional management, we can help buyers achieve their goals.

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