Which areas in London are best for peace and quite?

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Peace and Quiet

Many residents in London are looking for homes in peaceful areas. The big city can be a very noisy place because of the transport links, number of people, shops, restaurants, and other amenities. As a result many people look to live in quieter locations.

In a recent study Barratt London looked for the quietest areas in London. They found that the quietest Borough was Tower Hamlets. The average decibel level in the area was 53.3dB, the same level as a conversation at home. This is quite an impressive result for such a central destination.

The second quietest Borough was Sutton at 53.8dB. This is not very surprising considering it is in Outer London and has lots of green spaces. Other outer Boroughs such as Waltham Forest and Croydon were among the quietest. In these locations the noise was similar to what you would expect in an average restaurant.

The loudest areas by contrast were much noisier on average. For example Islington, one of the best connected and busiest Boroughs, had a reading of 77.2dB. This is around the noise that is generated by a vacuum cleaner.

Parks are naturally the quietest areas in the capital. Locations such as Bushy Park and Radnor Gardens had decibel levels as low as 29dB.

Making the right investment

A quiet area can be a major selling point for properties. Investors should definitely look into it, especially if they are considering homes for young families.

As well as current noise levels though, it is wise to look at regeneration and construction projects. Regeneration can create lots of additional noise, both during projects and after them.

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