What do people want most with a rented home?

It is wise for landlords to do all they can to make sure tenants are happy. The rewards for their efforts can be longer tenancies as well as residents who pay rent on time and show more respect for the property. As a lettings agent Sutton landlords can rely on to help them with improving tenant happiness, we can offer useful advice and services.

What are the top things tenants want?

The thing with rented properties is tenants have some limitations on what they can do. The tenancy agreement should include them, describing what the rules are regarding things like decorating and making changes to the property.

New research has revealed that the top two things tenants are looking for are pets and high speed internet. According to the data, 28% of people would be willing to pay more if the landlord allowed pets. In addition, 21% of renters would be happy to pay a premium for fast internet.

Over the last few decades more and more flats have been built in London. This is in response to high demand and the limitations on space. Tenants in these properties tend to have very different requirements to those seeking homes. For example 41% would pay more for a communal gym. In addition 34% would pay premiums for a laundry room and 32% would for a shared garden.

Differences by Borough

Surprisingly there are big differences between different Boroughs in London. Importantly, Kensington and Chelsea landlords are most likely to allow tenants to have pets. Other areas like Sutton, Redbridge, and Bexley are less receptive to welcoming pet owners.

At Finefair we offer useful advice and guidance to all landlords. This is why we are a letting agent Sutton clients rate highly. As you can see from the above, a landlord in the Borough could attract more potential tenants and make them happier by allowing pets. They could also look at things like improving the internet connections and providing communal facilities if necessary.

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