What you can expect from Westminster

Finefair is a business that people respect for the services we supply. We are proud to be the number one choice when it comes to finding investment properties City of Westminster has. Due to our impressive knowledge of London as a whole, we are in the perfect position to aid you in reaching your goals.

Various individuals have described Westminster as having formidable universal value. It has a history that represents the expedition from a feudal culture to a contemporary democracy. Additionally, it shows the interlaced history of state, monarch, and church. The World Heritage site is home to St Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey, and of course, the Houses of Parliament. The property scene is also very interesting.

Hidden gems

Tucked away in Westminster’s back streets are fine Georgian and Queen Anne homes for you to discover. You can find them in Queen Anne’s Gate and Old Queen Street. Some even have lovely views of St James’s Park, as well as around Smith Square in streets like Barton Street, Lord North Street, Cowley Street, and Gayfere Street.

Purchasing within the Westminster region is about one third cheaper than in Knightsbridge, Belgravia, and Mayfair. There are plenty of blocks consisting of mansion flats around Westminster Cathedral and in the nearby streets. Over the past five years, architects have created many blocks of luxury flats too. Surprisingly, there is also a fair amount of social housing estates. A noteworthy example would be the Arts and Crafts Millbank Estate, which is in close proximity to Tate Britain, another estate.

At Finefair, we help people in making the most sensible decisions when it comes to investments. Our team members shall work with you to inspect your property, its advantages and disadvantages, and look at any changes that need making. That way you can determine whether it fits your strategy.

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