Smithfield – a new cultural hotspot

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Smithfield in the City of London could be about to become the hotspot many people always thought it should be. The creative vibe has arrived on the shoulders of tech, media and telecommunications businesses looking to move to a lively location that is still close to the centre of the city. In addition there is a growing selection of bars, restaurants and other amenities.


The area has been evolving for the last few decades, moving away from the former meat market and interesting medieval history. Sadly a number of projects had to deal with delays or cancellation due to planning issues. There were even a number of controversies. The current situation shows that you can’t stop development forever though.

A cultural spot

The most incredible thing about Smithfield is the vibrant culture. Firstly, the Museum of London is planning to move to the area. Secondly, the Culture Mile initiative will inspire the creation of a new symphony hall. In addition the area retains a very strong design heritage.


The transformation of the area is inspiring plenty of investment. There are many different schemes including new offices, homes, retail, and also green spaces. A number of the schemes take placemaking seriously and look to design for the community.

Many investors targeting the area are looking at the future to find the best opportunities. For one they are considering where people will want to live, work, and spend leisure time. Finding the perfect location can provide plenty of potential for healthy profits.

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