What are house hunters looking for?

Investing in property can offer amazing potential rewards. Get the right home in a good area and you could enjoy a healthy rental yield. Alternatively you could invest in improving a property and selling it on for a profit. Consequently, whatever option you choose, it is vital you get the right kind of home. To do this you need to know what people are looking for. Finefair can help with this. We work hard to support investors, including those searching for the best options for property investment Richmond upon Thames has.

Popular search keywords

The internet has revolutionised how people search for homes. They now have access to plenty of tools online that allow them to choose different areas, types of property, and various other things. It is immensely easy and means investors can do a lot of work on their own.

Zoopla offer a service to help people search for properties online. They recently looked at data from online searches to see what keywords are the most popular. The top ten is diverse and has some very interesting entries.

The top search term is detached. As a result you can get a quite clear idea that people are looking for homes with more space around them. This is further highlighted because garden is the sixth highest term and acres is ninth.

The second most common search is garage. Private car ownership is still very popular in the UK. Investors also like homes with garages because of the conversion potential. They can transform into additional living space with very little investment. Parking is also the fourth most frequent term in searches.

Regional differences

Naturally people are searching for different things from properties depending on where they live in the UK. For example, in the South West and North West of England as well as Wales, a lot of people are looking for sea views.

In London, garage, detached, and bungalow are all popular searches. Surprisingly houseboats have also grown in popularity, becoming a frequent search term.

Finefair can help investors to consider what people are looking for in the areas they are considering investing in. That way they stand a better chance of getting a good return. When it comes to property investment Richmond upon Thames has nobody better to work with. Contact us today to find out more.