West London’s hotspots just became hotter

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Recently, reports found that there have been strong price rises in many West London Boroughs. W6’s Hammersmith, as well as W12’s Shepherd’s Bush and White City have seen big increases in rental prices. Over the past year, they have increased by 4.58% and 7.56% respectively. More remarkably, this flourishing market covers a collection of postcodes. This includes SW10 and W8, which had unenthusiastic growths during the same time.

In recent history, East London has somewhat overshadowed the West. People have been eager to move to this part of the capital because promising communities are blossoming. Start-up ventures, booming business opportunities, and the ever-improving transport links are leading the charge here. Prices also tend to be lower.

West London is on the rise again

However, the West end has come back to the fore. We can accredit a series of factors to this growth. Firstly is the influx of global corporations relocating here. Another is infrastructure investments. Finally, extensive developments that have taken place. Because of them, the demand for property has risen.

Heightened demand has fuelled these growths. The varied mix of high-performing schools, green spaces, amenities, and historic structures attracts people too.

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