Heat pumps could be the future of Hackney’s heating systems

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Modern heating

Hackney Council plans to look into whether introducing heat pumps into the local green spaces and parks would aid in supplying clean heating to the area. They aim to find out if doing so would provide a low-risk, steady revenue. The council has joined forces with 10:10 Climate Action and Consultancy Scene for this endeavour. It will investigate whether water based and underground heat pumps could displace oil, electric, or gas to heat buildings.

Council members have stated that it’s integral that the authority takes the lead in minimising our dependence on fossil fuels. The Power Parks project as it’s officially known, can potentially assist them in unbarring sustainable energy. It could also produce money for critical council services.

The trouble with standard heating

As it stands, heating makes up a third of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. This mainly comes from the use of natural gases in boilers. The population considers this one of the more difficult economical areas to decarbonise.

Some people see heat pumps as a possible solution. They utilise electricity to focus low temperature heat accumulated in bodies of water or the ground. They then pump this heat through pipes into the constructs for heating. Currently, the UK doesn’t use this technology too much. However, this project intends to change that.

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