We’ll soon see plenty more people using Help to Buy

The company we run is the best when it comes to property investment Harrow has to offer. This is because our team members work with clients exhaustively to examine and enhance their current portfolios. Specifically, they look for anything that’s not performing to the ideal standard. With us by your side, you’ll be able to acquire great returns.

Help to Buy is a scheme covering new houses with values of up to £600,000. It permits buyers to borrow 40% of the buying price. They take this from the government and it arrives in the form of a loan that they pay back later. More than 12,000 Londoners have used Help to Buy already. The number continues to climb as developers are speeding to register new housing schemes.

The majority of Central London developments are actually too high-value to be appropriate for the scheme. However, hotspots in locales where affordability combines with good transport links are growing in popularity.


Harrow is a well-known north-west London hotspot. It’s synonymous with its all male boarding schools. The town itself is due for a huge makeover, with 5,500 new civil buildings and homes.

Harrow Square is a lustrous project consisting of 318 flats. The project site is on a former Royal Mail Depot. Four blocks rise to 20 storeys from six. They’re now a part of a new high street commercial hub. This includes custom public areas, offices, shops, and also a new library. Multiple flats are dual-aspect. There are communal roofs with solar panels to produce affordable electricity.

At Finefair, we have quite the talent for optimising each property investment Harrow clients make. We can help you to unlock value in rental income and equity, as well as tax benefits. In addition there are plenty of services to choose from, including guaranteed rent, council leasing, and various types of management.

If you would like us to start assisting you, get in touch today. We look forward to working with you and providing the perfect services.