More buy-to-let investors are noticing Romford

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Romford is a large district in the capital and also functions as Havering’s administrative centre. Overall, it’s one of the most popular hotspots for property in the whole of London. We are going to talk a little bit about the area. This shall give you a better understanding of it.


Romford has an abundance of 30s semis. It also possesses Victorian terrace structures from when it initially became a commuter town. The arrival of the railways during 1839 was the inspiration for this. In contemporary history, an abundance of flats have been created to cater for young professionals.

House prices

Standard three-bedroom 30s semis vary from £400,000 to as much as £650,000. You can find Romford’s most expensive properties in Gidea Park. This is where Romford Garden Suburb began development in 1911. Over a hundred architects designed houses using the Arts and Crafts style. These homes are now an asset many people prize.

In Romford, there are far more homes to rent than there are to purchase. However, the town is still increasing in popularity among buy-to-let investors. They are aware of the potential that came with Crossrail. Most of Romford’s rental houses are flats. The majority are in new-build blocks. For a one-bedroom home, the price is roughly £725 a month. Three-bedroom apartments come with a price of £1,550 a month.

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