Walthamstow is becoming more popular

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Walthamstow is one of East London’s major districts and a major area in the Borough of Waltham Forest. People consider it so hip that they call it “awesomestow”. It is here where young people from Hackney and Stoke Newington come when looking for homes with decent gardens. Additionally, they seek out high-performing primary schools for their children.

It used to be the case that people were only interested in Walthamstow Village. It is a brief walk east of the town centre and contains independent shops, streets of attractive cottages, and quaint almshouses. There’s also an ancient church, which tends to catch people’s attention. With all this, it’s easy to see why everyone would favour the village.

Restorations and excellent schools

Walthamstow itself has caught up in recent history however. The restoration of the William Morris Gallery and Lloyd Park six years ago was a big part of this. Couple these projects together with some of the finest primary schools and you have a location that’s nearly as popular as the village.

Those who have lived in Walthamstow their whole lives have noticed the changing demographics. Locals are becoming younger. Nowadays, when the older generation retires, the tendency is to move to Essex. This results in more space in the area for individuals in their mid-twenties and early thirties.

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