Waltham Forest’s appeal is growing fast

While the demand for property across London exceeds the present number of available homes, some areas are experiencing more pressure than others. Waltham Forest is just one area under pressure, perhaps due to the high level of recent development and rejuvenation in the area, such as the reopening of Lea Bridge train station in early 2016. To address this, Waltham Forest authorities are being proactive and forward thinking to meet all demands. We are proud of our status as preferred suppliers to them, working to fulfil all their requirements.

Successful council leasing arrangements require a mutually beneficial agreement between the authorities and property owners. This is what we have brought to London over the course of the last decade. Councils are seeking to have enough property available to meet housing needs, whilst property owners want to secure a return on their investment by letting in such a way that their property is safeguarded. Our services are focused on making certain that the requirements of both sides are met in a way which exceeds all expectations.

For Waltham Forest property owners, it’s important to ensure that their investment retains its value. A property portfolio is a long term investment and should be managed in a way that ensures the assets in it can consistently deliver. To meet this, we can offer professional estate, property and block management in Waltham Forest, as well as throughout the whole of London. We strive to ensure that a property is well maintained and ultimately returned to you in excellent condition. This is done through frequent and thorough inspection and maintenance programmes.

Waltham Forest is already facing high demand for property. The reopening of Lea Bridge train station will make the area all the more accessible to the rest of London, and is going to serve to increase this demand. We can help you to handle your property investment professionally, optimising your chances of keeping your portfolio in good health.