Waltham Forest is being active with home building

Finefair appreciates why outer Boroughs in London remain so popular. These locations can have lower prices than central areas while still offering great amenities and connections to the city. When it comes to property investment Waltham Forest has plenty to offer. Buyers looking to get on the property ladder and investors both keep an eye on the market here.

New homes in Chingford

Waltham Forest Council has a development company. Sixty Bricks aims to boost the number of homes that are built in the area, helping to provide more properties that are accessible to locals.

Recently Sixty Bricks was successful in earning planning permission for its first major new housing project. The plan is for 45 properties for Lena Kennedy Close in Chingford. The homes will range in size from studio apartments to three bedroom homes.

This will be the first phase of the development of the area. In addition there will be work to create a total of 1,000 homes in the next five years.

Projects with lots of benefits

The thing about the project is how many people it will benefit. Over 50% of the 45 homes will be available for affordable rent or shared ownership. Therefore they will be suitable for various types of tenancy. People who live in Waltham Forest or currently work locally will have first choice on the homes.

In addition Sixty Bricks will be offering the construction work to local companies. This will benefit the economy in the area and help businesses. Companies who take on the project will also be asked to invest in at least five apprentices.

Invest with confidence

At Finefair we appreciate that investing in property can be tough. There are plenty of things to think about including demand, type of tenant, potential for long term capital gains, and also the costs. We can offer support with all of these and much more.

If you are considering property investment Waltham Forest is definitely an area to look at. Our team is happy to help if you need it.