The value of a view

There are several factors that can add a premium to the value of a property in a major city such as London, and one of them is a desirable view. Interestingly, views that are particularly valued in London are those of the bridges spanning the Thames. These structures are an integral part of the character of the city, revealing the history and the ambition of the people that call it home. As a result, they are highly sought after.

Views of the bridges can add significantly to property prices. The premiums differ depending on the bridge in question and the level of demand for the area. There are a number of different ones to choose from, each offering unique attractions for buyers. Some people will even hold off until they can specifically purchase a home with a view of their favourite bridge.

Tower Bridge is one of the most famous in London and understandably can offer incredible views to property owners. It is because of this that two prestigious developments are currently underway in close proximity to it, in the form of One Tower Bridge and Landmark Place.

Southwark Bridge is perhaps even more favoured because of the fact that it is within walking distance of the celebrated Borough Market. It has become central to the riverside development boom and is home to a number of new developments.

Albert Bridge is popular for its romantic design. It is stunning at night when the lights are illuminated. The area has been earmarked as a prime one for residential development for several years and already has three notable examples (Riverside One, Albion Riverside and Waterside Point) that offer views of the structure.

The premium properties with fantastic views of the bridges in London can command can be incredible. On the 27 mile stretch between Kew and Canary Wharf flats on the North side can be worth an additional 26.5% according to a report by Savills. The same document claims the South side can offer even higher premiums, with prices up by 36.3% in some cases.

Investors should consider the views on offer when they purchase a property. If you are targeting the riverside, a view of one of the bridges could provide added value, both to prospective tenants and buyers if a sale in the future is on the agenda. Wherever you are planning to make your property investment, our team can help you to make the right choices, offering help and support throughout. We cover Wandsworth, Southwark, Kensington and Chelsea and all other areas of the capital, offering an adaptable service for each client.