The most flexible guaranteed rent available

Although we offer a wide variety of property services covering every aspect of sales, purchases and lettings, we have become renowned for our guaranteed rent schemes. This is our most popular service and has helped countless landlords to avoid the inconvenience and worry of missed rent payments, giving them complete confidence that their investment will remain profitable.

The way the scheme works is simple. We essentially become your “tenant” for a period of your choosing, and we will pay you rent for that time, on time every single month. Our team will also take over all responsibilities for the property, handling management and maintenance, completing regular inspections, dealing with tenants and viewings, and taking care of all utility bills and council tax. We’ll carry on paying you even if the property goes through a void period when it is temporarily empty. As a preferred supplier, we won’t charge you a penny for this service, and you’ll never have to worry about being surprised by unexpected management fees or commission.

One of the best qualities of our guaranteed rent service is its sheer flexibility. You can choose the time period you want us to pay your rent for, whether that’s one year or a whole decade. At the end of this time, your property will be returned to your care in its original condition, ready to sell on, let again, or use in any way you see fit.

We are also the only company to offer guaranteed rent on any property, regardless of its size, type or location. From studio flats to apartment buildings to houses in multiple occupation to traditional houses, we are ready to take them all on, whether they are located in London or not. If you are in search of a professional and reliable guaranteed rent package covering Waltham Forest, the rest of London and the UK, look no further.