The most valuable streets in Richmond Upon Thames

Towards the end of December Lloyds Bank released the 2016 data for the most expensive streets in England and Wales. Not surprisingly the top ten is still dominated by established prime areas in Westminster and Kensington. The top twenty is a little bit more diverse and sees the entry of streets from areas such as Richmond Upon Thames and Leatherhead in Surrey.

The list of most expensive streets makes good reading for people looking at property investment. It showcases which areas command the most value and can help them to choose a location to target.

Investing in properties on the most expensive streets can offer good potential, particularly if the value of the property up for sale has potential for growth. On top of this neighbouring streets can benefit from the close proximity to these valuable areas. They can prove to be a good investment opportunity as a result.

It is good to consider the location of the most valuable streets within an area when you look at investing. If you are currently thinking about making a property investment in Richmond Upon Thames the fact that The Green and Ham Common both make the list of the Lloyds Bank top twenty can help you to target areas.

The Green has an average property price of £3,656,000 and also benefits from close proximity to good schools. On top of this residents can take advantage of great transport links at the two nearby railway stations. This makes it great for commuters.

Ham Common is a special area because properties have a huge amount of greenery on their doorstep. The common land is the second largest in the Borough and covers an impressive 120.3 acres. It is a conservation area and designated Local Nature Reserve so it will remain a protected, green open space for residents to enjoy. The property prices here are slighly behind the Green though at £3,606,000.

If you are considering property investment in Richmond Upon Thames we can help. Our knowledgeable team offer support and can advise you about the best areas to look at. We have a great reputation and work with a number of buyers and investors, adapting our services to suit their unique requirements.