Utilising property management for success in Southwark

It might not be the most famous of the London Boroughs, but Southwark is an area that’s very well known by those looking to live and work in the capital city. The centralised location, combined with relatively affordable living costs, means that there has always been significant demand for property in the region. Between January and June 2016 the level of demand increase was measured at 47%, making it the second highest area of growth in both London and the UK as a whole.

At present there are several key projects underway to address the high demand levels for property. One of the most well known of these is Southwark Council’s plans to regenerate the Aylesbury Estate in Walworth in order to be able to provide much needed housing.

This is being significantly supported by the private property sector, with many people leasing their investments in order to ease the pressure of demand. As a preferred service provider to Southwark Council, we have been at the forefront of delivering this through our dynamic range of services.

One of the key services we provide is property management in Southwark. Investors usually have a preference for studio apartments and flats in their portfolios, and we have the comprehensive skills needed to ensure they are managed to deliver success. On top of this we have all of the experience needed to look after family homes and even larger properties such as full estates.

The work we do for you as your appointed property managers covers the end-to-end period of a leasing agreement. Our team address all matters, ranging from initial and closing inventories through to inspections, maintenance and repair services. We make our property management services in Southwark available as an independent service in addition to it being an integral part of our guaranteed rent, council leasing and private rental agreements.

Making sure that you have the best property management in place is vital in ensuring you gain as much success as possible in the current market. Whilst the high levels of demand for residential space in the Borough is highly advantageous to property portfolio holders, this in itself is not enough secure a maximised yield. We are the name trusted to enable success with property in Southwark.