Upholding the highest standards in flats

Managing a block of flats is one of the biggest challenges facing any landlord, as it essentially means you are managing multiple properties and large numbers of tenants, and will have to take care of public areas as well as private homes. A poorly managed block can lose its value due to damage and deterioration, and if tenants are unhappy with the way the property is being managed they are unlikely to want to stay around, leading to the inconvenience of frequently having to find and deal with new tenants.

If you wish to retain the full value of your block and ensure it is well taken care of long into the future, you need a professional block management company, and our experienced team are here to help you. Using a skilled management company can make all the difference, as they will have access to resources that most landlords do not.

We have an in depth and completely up to date understanding of the laws surrounding rental properties, a commitment to health and safety, and a dedication to making sure you can optimise your income from your property investment. We comply with all relevant laws and codes of practice and are completely transparent and honest in everything we do. Most importantly, we have the time and resources to manage as many properties as you need us to – two things which are in short supply for many busy landlords.

When we are carrying out block management in Merton and throughout the rest of London, we will always take your wishes into account as well as ensuring that all the tenants are comfortable, safe and happy. Both sides can feel secure in the knowledge that we are acting in their best interests and upholding their rights. If you want the complete peace of mind that comes with knowing your building is being managed smoothly, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information.