Attract quality tenants with quality properties

If you have invested in a buy to let property, you will likely be keen to get your new tenant in as soon as possible. With the resurgence of the buy to let market in London and throughout the UK, there is high demand from potential renters and there are many opportunities for buy to let landlords to enjoy lucrative benefits and long term financial solutions.

Successful tenancies are the result of well cultivated relationships between landlords and tenants. Each party has certain obligations and every experienced landlord knows the best way to find a good tenant is by offering a safe, high quality, suitable property.

In today’s market, it is relatively easy to rent a good quality property due to the high levels of consumer demand. It makes sense for landlords to conduct a search of other rental properties in the area to assess local costs and compare the benefits and features of your property. Include the “let agreed” properties, as this will give you an idea of the types of homes that have been successfully let and the rental amounts agreed.

In the current climate, many tenants are remaining in properties for years. The vast majority of renters are no longer looking for stop gaps; they want houses that they can turn into homes, which means clean and well presented properties. Statistics show that a property with tired looking paintwork and internal features and a poorly kept exterior will take much longer to find tenants than one in superior condition.

A responsible tenant will always make enquiries about the property itself, as well as relevant factors such as local amenities, education, transport links and so on. When you are able to offer potential tenants the information they need, it gives them greater confidence in the property, lets them know you are a trustworthy landlord and enables them to make a fast decision.

We help our landlords offer the best possible services to their tenants, helping you prepare the property and offer you advice on any necessary improvements and beneficial upgrades. We will make sure you receive the maximum rent possible and employ quality marketing methods to find you the most suitable tenant and to ensure both parties enjoy successful and issue free tenancies. If you need advice about our comprehensive service or would like to know more about any aspect of lettings, rentals and council leasing in Newham and beyond, our skilled and knowledgeable team are on hand to help.