Understanding your responsibilities when you choose guaranteed rent

At Finefair we specialise in guaranteed rent in Wandsworth and all other Boroughs of London. Our aim is to deliver great services for landlords, giving them the peace of mind that we are finding the right tenants for them and looking after their properties. In addition we make sure the agreed fee is paid every month for the whole duration of the agreement.

In the pursuit of transparency we ensure we provide as much information as possible to property owners so they understand their obligations and the services we provide. When you choose guaranteed rent it is important to remember that you still have some responsibilities.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the accommodation must meet certain requirements. If it is not fire safe, is in an inhabitable condition, or is overcrowded, you can face fines and other penalties. Although you are not actively managing the property you are responsible for ensuring that the agent or company providing guaranteed rent isn’t breaking the law.

With the above in mind it is important to ensure you are dealing with a reputable company who will satisfy the obligations. Ideally you want a provider who will be hands on, inspecting properties regularly and carrying out maintenance whenever it is required. That way the condition can be retained, requirements are met, and tenants will benefit too.

We have a fantastic reputation for our guaranteed rent services and have become not just the leader in Wandsworth but across the whole of London. Our team manage every property with care, treating your investments as if they were our own homes. In addition we put the time in to check tenants carefully and ensure they are reliable. This protects both of our interests.

If you have rental properties in Wandsworth and want to earn a stable income for a set period of time with assurances your assets are in the right hands, we have the service for you. Please get in touch to find out more, including about your own obligations if you agree to guaranteed rent.