Price overtakes location as the most important factor for buyers

Traditionally the most important thing for people looking to buy a home, whether they were first time buyers, looking to move up the ladder, or investors, was location. There has been a big shift in this recently though, especially in London. Location is still important but it has been vastly overshadowed by high property prices. Now price is the biggest factor that attracts people.

Transport has become the second most important factor, particularly because it allows people to search for homes in more affordable areas. Again this is especially true in London because there are so many great transport links available, from the Underground to buses, cycle routes to water taxis on the Thames.

When Hamptons International released their latest research into property hotspots for first time buyers the result didn’t surprise many. It showed that the current most popular location is Walthamstow Central in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. The excellent value in the area and the wider Borough are attracting all kinds of buyers, particularly first timers.

Investors generally have more freedom when it comes to location due to larger budgets and more capital to put down to secure their loans. They are continuing to look at affordable areas like Waltham Forest though where their money can go further. The high demand and potential for good capital gains make homes in these locations an interesting proposition.

At Finefair we work hard to help all kinds of buyers find the perfect home. With landlords in mind we can even offer services like management, guaranteed rent and council leasing in Waltham Forest. As a result there are plenty of options and opportunities to choose from.

If you would like our assistance please get in touch. Advising clients is a part of our service we take great pride in. It has helped us to build a great reputation and satisfy the diverse needs of our clients far more effectively.