Turning your property into a HMO

A HMO can be a great asset for a landlord, but if you are looking into turning your property into a HMO, then you need to be aware of several criteria that you need to fulfil. In order for an existing property to become a HMO, it needs to go through a series of licensing and modification arrangements. Before a property can be considered as housing for multiple occupants, it needs to be fit for purpose and meet the required living standards. Planning permission will also be required. Often, a HMO licence is only needed for those properties classified as a large HMO, though some councils do require other HMOs to be licensed as well.

If you are thinking of converting your property to a HMO and letting it to tenants, you need to be aware that extra legal responsibilities are required to keep your tenants safe. Extensive fire safety measures need to be put into place and strictly enforced, while annual gas safety checks are also required. Electrical systems must also be checked every five years. There need to be adequate cooking and washing facilities and any shared facilities must be in good condition. There also needs to be enough rubbish bins or bags for the proper and hygienic disposal of rubbish. Of course, it is also the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the property does not become overcrowded, meaning that they must let the right amount of tenants.

If you are considering transforming your property into a HMO, or if you already own one and need help with block management in Kingston Upon Thames or any other area of London, we can help. We have been working with these types of properties for many years and can offer all the practical services you need, from full property management to helping you understand your legal obligations as the owner of a HMO. Contact us for further information about our HMO services.