Investing in Kensington and Chelsea properties

For those seeking investment properties, Kensington and Chelsea has become the most desirable area of London to seek out premises for purchase. It has recently been reported that there has been a year-on-year real term fall in prices in the area. Whilst at face value some could understandably believe that a drop in average prices means it is a bad time to purchase here, we know that this is precisely the right time for investors to take advantage and get the best deal possible.

Kensington is one of the most sought after boroughs in London. The exclusive addresses and beautiful properties in the area are exactly what serious property investors in the capital want to add to their portfolio. The drop in property value, measured at just under 4% over the last twelve months, makes an investment here even more attractive than usual. The reasons for the fall in values and prices relate more to uncertainty about property tax changes after the general election in 2015 – in other words, it is not something which has been caused by a decline in interest or demand for property in the area.

We have, over the years, become the leading name with all matters relating to property in London and investment properties in Kensington and Chelsea. From our professional estate and block management services through to our trusted status in regards of guaranteed rent and council leasing, we are trusted to bring the finest results to all who utilise our services. Our success in managing property has put us at the forefront of being able to identify the factors which matter the most in potential investment properties. With us working for you, you have the advantage of our knowledge and insights assisting your decisions, both in deciding which property best meets your needs and in getting it for the best price.

The current market for investment properties in Kensington and Chelsea favours the buyer. Whether you are looking to add to your existing portfolio or seeking to start one, now would certainly seem to be the time. No matter what the political or economic climate, London always remains one of the most desirable locations for property investors and owners. Using our services is your way of assuring that you get nothing short of the best results for your money.