Trends for urban development

Around the world there are a number of different options for delivering new properties in busy urban areas. Typically these locations have high demand but limits on available space mean that buildings can’t simply be constructed to meet the demand. A more dynamic solution is needed that takes into account the existing properties and spatial limitations.

The developments can include new builds on Brownfield sites, redevelopment of old buildings, excavation of basements, and all manner of expansions. A newer trend has seen more upward building, the process of adding additional storeys to buildings. This can prove to be a great option because there are so many properties where an extra floor or two can be added with relative ease.

Trocoll House in Barking and Dagenham is a good example of how extra floors can be added to a property. The 1960s building is being renovated and expanded, including the construction of two additional storeys. These will be home to new apartments.

The location of Trocoll House will be a major attraction for inhabitants. The building is right in the heart of Barking, a short distance away from major transport links. As a result people living in the new apartments will be just a 14 minute Tube ride from the centre of London. There are plenty of amenities in the area to enjoy and as part of the project a pub on the site will be preserved.

The project is such a good example because the location has very little space available for new builds. As a result adding storeys to an existing building is a good solution. It also showcases the fact that this kind of expansion can be utilised on existing blocks of flats, retail space, and offices.

At Finefair we provide an array of services in Barking and Dagenham, including block management and lettings. As a result we can be on hand to assist all kinds of property owners, including those looking to add new floors to properties to create new homes. If they are being made available to tenants in the future we can help with marketing them.