Will the property market react to night services on the Northern Line?

The Northern Line is one of the most popular routes on the London Underground. It stretches from North to South, connecting people with the Centre of the city as well as to popular spots for nightlife. With these facts it is no surprise that it sees tens of thousands of passengers on a daily basis.

Homes in close proximity to Tube stations on the Northern Line can enjoy a premium on prices due to the attractiveness of easier commutes. These areas could see an additional boost in values in the coming months and years too thanks to the recent launch of the night services on the route. These began operation on Friday and Saturday nights on 18th November.

The new services provide benefits for people who live in outer Boroughs but work in more Central ones. It will also make it easier for people to travel to enjoy the nightlife in a number of areas including Camden and Clapham.

Before the night services were introduced people could find themselves cut off on weekends. The Tube traditionally stopped operating at midnight on these days and only began again at 6am the following day. This could cause big problems for people who work late or travel for leisure. Both problems are resolved with the new services.

It is expected that new property hotspots will arise along the Northern Line as a result of the expanded services. Areas that currently offer better value for money are the ones to watch, including those in “non-prime” locations. Those at the ends, including High Barnet, will undoubtedly benefit from the additional connectivity.

At Finefair we offer services all across London, supporting all kinds of buyers. One service we offer amongst many is council leading in Barnet, helping investors to let their homes with the local authority and enjoying several benefits as a result.

The night services on the Northern Line could attract more investors to parts of Barnet and we will be here to help explain the options they have available.