Transforming Victoria into a desired residential district

Victoria in Westminster is currently undergoing a huge transformation. The district was formerly full of office buildings inhabited by all manner of civil servants. This meant that when offices closed at the end of each working day the area fell quiet. This is set to change though with the area becoming a vibrant residential district.

Over the next few years Victoria is set to emerge as a highly desired residential location. Many new apartments are being built, offering a much wider selection of homes. On top of this more businesses are being drawn to the area, including boutique shops, restaurants, and specialist food outlets too. The improvements to the Underground station will also help to improve the quality of life for residents.

Before the transformation began Victoria was quite a neglected area. It sat in a great part of the City of Westminster, offering close proximity to a number of landmarks but the lack of amenities and poor transport links made it unattractive for residents. This is changing rapidly though and the area is on the up.

Victoria has quite a good mix of properties for residents to choose from. On the larger side there are a number of Queen Anne style houses or red brick mansions. Residents seeking smaller homes can choose from modern flats and large homes that have been split into separate properties. The new developments are diverse too, even including loft-style flats for people who want a more contemporary home.

The developments are great for the area and are changing opinions towards it. In time it is hoped it could grow to reflect the highly sought areas like Belgravia and St. James.

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