Croydon is looking to improve the quality of developments

Regeneration and redevelopment projects can be see all across London as developers seek to provide the housing, commercial spaces, and public buildings that the large, growing population needs. The work ranges in size and scale, from small sites to those that cover several acres. In every case though, the work needs to meet the required standards.

Croydon Council recently took a very interesting step to ensure developers have access to guidance and expertise. They set up an independent place review panel featuring 22 multi-disciplinary panellists. Their experience comes from various backgrounds, including planning, architecture, engineering, and conservation amongst others.

The purpose of the panel is to offer the aforementioned advice and guidance whilst also helping to shape development works to ensure they reflect the Council’s commitment to quality design and placemaking. It will serve a very important role going forward. The first monthly meeting is expected to take place later this month.

The local authority made the decision to set a panel up and call on such a wide array of talented people because Croydon is proving to be a very popular destination for redevelopment and regeneration. There are several reasons for this including the attractive location and the affordable prices. The fact that a lot of regeneration has already taken place also attracts further investment.

Croydon is certainly proving to be a very good area for investment properties. The new panel could help to boost this further as they will focus on quality designs that will enhance the area and deliver additional benefits to residents.

At Finefair we keep an eye on stories such as the one above because they can have an impact on investment properties and the requirements of our clients. We work across Croydon and can help people looking for the perfect property to invest in. We also provide ongoing management solutions.

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