Transforming offices into homes in Hammersmith and Fulham

For the last few years a lot of work has gone in to finding ways to boost the number of homes in London. This has included things like freeing up land owned by TfL and the office of the Mayor of London so that new building projects can take place. Alongside these there has been a relaxation of the rules dictating the transformation of office space to residential.

The new rules have been introduced in many Boroughs across the capital, allowing more opportunity to transform disused offices into homes. According to data from the London Development Database there were 2,806 applications to do just that. More than 2,000 of these have been given approval so the projects can take place.

One Borough where there has been a lot of interest in the transformation of offices to homes is Hammersmith and Fulham. According to the data there were 179 applications for the area. Of these 126 were approved, resulting in 43,359 square metres of office space getting the go ahead to be turned into homes.

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