Demand For Hackney Homes Continues To Grow

For all the changes that affect London, whether past or present, one thing has and shall forever ring true – people want to live and work in the city. This has perhaps never been clearer than here in 2016, as we’ve all seen a time of great change that has done next to nothing to dent the love of the capital and the demand for living space. The current situation in Hackney is the perfect example of this – and displays how we can ensure property owners in the area gain exceptional returns from the situation.

The London Borough of Hackney is one of the most famous and well known around the world. It’s not due to the name recognition that the place is so popular, though – that’s all down to the fact that it is a thriving community, offering outstanding commuter access to the key business districts of the city. If the reasons why this part of the capital is so popular are clear, how to meet the demand is not so straightforward. The authorities responsible for the area explore and use all possible means of addressing the situation, and we are proud of our preferred supplier status in this regard.

Our name and reputation for outstanding property investment in Hackney – and indeed the whole of London – was built on our delivery of guaranteed rent services and council leasing agreements. The system we implemented over ten years ago sought to give authorities access to the properties they needed whilst ensuring that the owners got the yields and financial returns they wanted. Just how successful this service has been is reflected in our preferred supplier status and in the value of the property portfolios we are trusted to handle.

We’ve no doubt that all of us can expect many changes that will affect the way we all live and work in regions of London like Hackney. Whilst none of us know for sure what those changes will be or how they will make a difference for sure, we do know for certain that it won’t stop the will of people wanting to live here.