Tower plans for Abbey Wood rejected

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Abbey Wood is one of the most eastern areas in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. It has a lot to offer, including more affordable homes and good transport links. People who work in Canary Wharf are particularly well catered for with services on the Southeastern and Thameslink. A quick change and people can get to their offices in under an hour.


A developer recently proposed to create four new residential towers in Abbey Wood. The project replace an existing car park as well as a pet hospital. The plan was for 272 homes in buildings rising 3, 8, 14 and 17 storeys. In addition there would have been new commercial space, a 59 spot car park, and a new pets hospital.

Local Councillors did not support the plan though. The rejection is based on the fact that the towers would be too high, the homes would be too expensive, and the project did not meet planning policies. The density was an issue. Councillors were also against the lack of family homes, just 28 on the whole site.

In total 35% of homes on the project would have been affordable. However the Council had concerns about whether local families would be able to afford them. They want to see developers create more housing for people within the Borough, including people who live locally who want to buy their own home.

The developer will have to rethink their proposals and take the Council’s thoughts into consideration.

Finefair has a lot of experience in Abbey Wood. The area has lots to offer and is attractive to a variety of buyers. Investors thinking about buy to let can find some good opportunities here, especially because of high demand from families. We can provide the right service for each landlord, showing why we are the top lettings agent Greenwich has to offer.

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