A new strategy for Meridian Water

Managing properties is a challenge we are always ready for. Finefair can deliver the right service for various needs. We have grown to be the number one for property management Enfield has thanks to this flexibility.

One of the biggest projects in Enfield is the £6billion Meridian Water development. The scheme could create up to 10,000 new homes across the various sites in the area. It is an ambitious plan but has encountered some difficulty.

The initial aim was to work with one master developer on the whole project. Unfortunately the contract with Barratt London was terminated last October because of poor value. PCPD then withdrew from negotiations to take over the role. As a result the plan went back to the drawing board.

Multiple partners

Towards the end of July Enfield Council made the announcement that they would look to work with multiple partners instead of a single developer. This move could provide a lot of value, splitting the project up into plots and involving several developers. As a result it could maximise value because different companies can bid for sites.

The first development plots

Three development sites at Meridian Water will become available soon. The first has planning permission in place already and is in an ideal location close to the new station. As a result the 725 new homes could prove to be very attractive. Developers will be able to bid on the site after the summer.

The second plot has a new application for outline planning permission. It will be a mixed-use project if permission is granted. The plan is to create workspace on the ground floor and 200 affordable homes on the floors above.

The third site will be an employment hub with new commercial space. It is 2-3 acres and has good links to the North Circular. The council is only looking at a development agreement rather than selling the land to a developer. As a result they will retain control over the new properties.

The plans for Meridian Water are very exciting and could be as big benefit for the Borough. Finefair will be ready to offer the best property management Enfield has to offer for these new properties. Therefore clients can buy with confidence that we will be able to help them.

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