Tower Hamlets could be home to the next trendy hotspot

Many investors spend a lot of time exploring the market to help them determine which areas offer the best potential. They look at current hotspots, up and coming areas that could become the next wave of them, and big developments and regeneration work that could indicate which locations may see growth. It is also wise to look at trendy areas, particularly after the lessons learned after the huge rewards investors in Shoreditch earned when it became a popular area.

Trendy areas exist all over London. One of the most unusual is Fish Island in Tower Hamlets. The area is not very well known, even though it sits in a very attractive location just across the canal from London Stadium and the parkland surrounding it. A huge number of developers are targeting the area, either planning to or are already building new homes on land that has so far avoided regeneration.

The reason Fish Island is so trendy is the art community in the area. Traditionally the district was full of Victorian homes owned and occupied by people working in the industries dotted along the canal. Many of these were destroyed in WWII and were subsequently not replaced because of the decline in industrial activity.

A number of light industrial buildings were built in place of the homes. These proved to be very popular amongst artists due to the affordable rents. Many of them became studios and by the 90s the area had the highest concentration of them in the whole of Europe. This community exists to this day and has helped to create a number of innovative businesses.

The new homes being built in the area could prove to be fantastic investments when they are finished, particularly if the popularity of the area continues to grow. If this occurs demand for properties could see buyers earn a good return. Rentals could also be in demand too, providing longer term opportunities too.

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