Sutton is highly regarded because of its quality schools

The Borough of Sutton in the south west of London has a fantastic reputation due to the fact that it is home to a number of high performing schools. In fact in 2015 it came in the top four in the GCSE league tables in the UK. The only area in the capital that outperformed it was Kensington and Chelsea. It made the top four in terms of primary school performance too.

There are several attractive areas in Sutton for people who want to live in close proximity to good educational providers. Wallington sits close to the top of this list because three of the five grammar schools are located in the town. Neighbouring Carshalton is popular too with the extra distance from the schools offset by lower house prices.

Both Wallington and Carshalton have additional attractions in terms of the public spaces and parks they offer. There is a lot of greenery to enjoy and Beddington Park with its ornamental bridges, lake and formal gardens is accessible to people in both areas.

Each of these areas has seen attractive increases in property prices in the last twelve months according to data from Hamptons. Carshalton has seen an 8.3% rise in that period and has enjoyed 67% demand as a result. Wallington enjoyed higher rises with 11.3% but lagged slightly in terms of demand with 64%.

The data and attractions make both areas in Sutton very good options for people thinking about property investment. The close proximity to schools in particular is a big plus and means that price growth and demand are likely to continue in the areas.

At Finefair we work hard to provide clients with the best advice about which areas to look at for investment opportunities in the property market. There are plenty to choose from, allowing investors to select a location that meets their requirements. Locations close to good schools can provide homes that are great as long term rentals.

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