Tower Hamlets Council gets stricter with developers

Tower Hamlets Council recently set a new precedent that developers and investors need to be aware of. Towards the end of September the local authority issued an enforcement notice that three historic cottages that had been demolished without planning permission must be rebuilt exactly how they once stood. This is the first time they have ever issued such an order.

The cottages in question have a huge amount of history. They had stood on East Ferry Road in Coldharbour since the mid 19th century. More importantly they survived the first night of the Blitz in 1940 when the rest of the entire block was destroyed. As a result they were an important part of the heritage of the area.

The local council were even more frustrated with the demolition because Coldharbour has been a conservation area since 1975. This means that there are stricter planning requirements in place to help preserve the architectural character and history of the area. The demolition of the cottages was done without any consent and the owners have been reported to have not provided a creditable explanation of why it was done.

The situation shows how careful developers and investors have to be when considering projects. They should first do their research into the area and make sure it is not designated for conservation. They also need to look into the history of specific properties to make sure the heritage is not lost during the development. Correct planning permission should always be obtained. Failing to do any of these things could result in big penalties.

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