Cheam is one of London’s best suburbs

Cheam saw most of its growth in the 1930s, becoming a much larger suburb. Before this it was very rural. Since then it has remained popular because of the fantastic location and the amenities on offer. Buyers looking for an area in South London that is close to Sutton, great transport links, and outstanding greenery will love the area.

Families are drawn to Cheam for a number of reasons. The location in the south of London means there is a higher concentration of large family homes, including detached properties. These homes also tend to change hands a little more freely than those larger houses in central Boroughs like Kensington and Chelsea. Investors frequently purchase and put them on the rental market so they can make healthy, long term income.

The most popular locations are situated near Nonsuch High School, a highly rated girls’ grammar. There are other well regarded schools in the area as well, including Sutton Grammar and a number of primary schools for younger pupils.

The high street in Cheam has changed a lot over the years. When development came to the area the streets were widened and a number of the older buildings were replaced. The mock Tudor facades are a hallmark of these newer properties. The area has a good combination of chain and independent stores.

A number of the older properties do still exist across Cheam though. The Old Cottage is a great example. It is over 500 years old and was actually relocated when the area was being developed, being meticulously rebuilt on a nearby site. There is also the Old Rectory and Whitehall.

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