Tower Bridge Repairs To Disrupt London Properties

When considering the challenges of property management in an area such of London as Tower Hamlets it would be fair to say that the building itself is the priority. Ultimately the purpose of what we do is, after all, to make sure that this is in the prime, prestige conditions which the owners have appointed us to ensure. There are times, however, when external factors and conditions have a significant bearing on being able to do this. A very significant example of this kind of external factor is going to be happening in October.

Tower Bridge is to be closed to vehicle traffic for three months as of October 2016. This is happening to allow for vital repair and reinforcement work to take place, and it is not a decision which the authorities have taken lightly. There is an awareness of the negative impact the move will have on London in general, with the Boroughs of Southwark and Tower Hamlets being most directly affected.

Whilst there’s an understanding that this short term inconvenience is vital to the long term stability and use of Tower Bridge, this in itself does not make the conditions for the last three months of the year any easier. However our position as a leading name for property management in the capital means we have the experience and understanding of how to work with disruptions like this. Our team are well prepared and completely ready to ensure that the comprehensive property management services we deliver will be provided as normal despite the disruptions.

Our close working relationship with the authorities of the London Borough of Tower Bridge has enabled us to plan ahead for how our services can be delivered in the area during these unfortunate yet understandable delays. We are in prime position to make absolutely certain that our client portfolios are managed to the expected standard, and we have the capacity to welcome new owners to experience the benefits of our professional services.

We all know that delays to life in London are as inevitable as they are unwelcome. They are something we all need to work with, and our comprehensive services are focused on doing exactly that.