Why should I live in London?

Most of us will be aware of the increasing levels of demand for living space in London. It’s rare that a news report on the city doesn’t make mention of it. As one of the leading names in the property market in the capital we are acutely aware of the situation. One aspect of this which sometimes gets lost, we feel, is understanding why there’s so much demand to be in the city. We thought it would be timely to take a look at some of the factors which make our city such a great and wonderful place to live.

London was not always the bustling city that it is today; it started as a group of individual villages that were eventually absorbed into the city. As a result of this, each area of London offers its own unique styles and atmosphere. There are a number of different housing options available in each of these areas, from simple accommodations to luxury housing.

If you are a creative soul London offers you a vast number of opportunities to express yourself. If you are part of a band then you are certain to find an excellent venue to perform in. With over 300 venues putting on a massive 17,000 performances a year, there are many chances of you making your mark. If you are looking for nightlife there is an excellent selection of clubs including Fabric, Heaven and Ministry of Sound. Aside from music, you can break into industries such as acting, photography and design in the city.

London is an incredibly welcoming place, so don’t feel as if you won’t fit in. The city draws eccentric, creative people from all around the world. This has led to the creation of an array of unusual events including the Christmas Day serpentine swim, goat races, and the Pearly Kings and Queens Festival. With the wide array of festivals, both normal and out of the ordinary, you are guaranteed to never get stuck for something to do.

The community is vast and diverse with at least 37% of the population born outside the UK. These communities represent a myriad of cultures, giving London one of the most internationally diverse and rich atmospheres in the world. The culture is enhanced due to London being the home to three the greatest museums in the world. You are guaranteed to be endlessly entertained by the exquisite art, theatres and galleries that are on offer.

At Finefair our services are fully at your disposal if you are looking for a house in the capital. We will support you in every way we can to ensure you find your ideal property, whether you’re searching for a home or an investment property.