Tottenham is driving growth in Haringey

Haringey has enjoyed very attractive growth in house prices over the last year according to the Land Registry Price Index. One of the driving forces behind this is the development going on in Tottenham. The area is being regenerated around White Hart Lane and Tottenham Hale. This is also attracting more independent shops, bars, and restaurants.

Many people are anticipating that the area will become similar to Dalston and Stoke Newington, two areas that were transformed when they became trendy. The start of this shift is the influx of young professionals. A number of these have chosen the area because prices in Dalston and Shoreditch have become out of reach for many.

With more young professionals comes a rise in the number of independent businesses because this demographic tends to be their target audience. The high street in Tottenham has become a hotspot for these business ventures with 77% of the retail independently owned. This is above the 69% average for the whole of London.

Tottenham, and Haringey as a whole, is already very well connected. This is improving further though with new infrastructure. When the Overground arrived two years ago it increased access to Zone 1. Crossrail Two will create even more stations and further reduce commuting times.

The number of new homes being created in the area is fantastic too. In 2016 one in every five properties sold was a new build. There are a number of large developments taking place including Northumberland Development around White Hart Lane, High Road West, and Meridian Water.

At Finefair we know how hard investors work to ensure they can get investments done early so they stand the best chance of benefitting from rising demand and prices. Haringey and Tottenham in particular are interesting destinations that could soon become trendy spots. They are definitely worth exploring.

If you need any help we would be happy to provide it. As the most experienced name for estate management Haringey has, we have the skills and experience necessary to manage a wide variety of properties. We can scale to suit estates of varying sizes and will always deliver the best possible value.