Fulham’s house sales are on the rise again

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In April, it was reported that Fulham’s house prices had fallen by 10% in a year within a settlement that had become more family friendly and less mobile during recent times. Despite this being the case for 2016’s final quarter, things have begun to pick up again as of late. There was an increase in both agreed offers and completed sales during 2017’s initial quarter. Thanks to a mix of amended home prices, not to mention decent mortgage rates, it’s a more realistic time for people to buy.

According to property website Zoopla, by the end of 2016, the asking price of 36% of Hammersmith and Fulham’s homes had been lowered by an average of nearly 7%. Fulham’s most sought after houses are concentrated around Parsons Green, South Park, and Hurlingham private members’ club. The redbrick lion houses found on the Peterborough Estate are especially fashionable.

Even though these homes aren’t necessarily more expensive per sq ft, a wide collection can be located in the prime space between South Park and Parsons Green. This places them within walking distance of the schools that Fulham is revered for. Since the area has become more family-favourable and cosmopolitan, a swarm of hip cafés and restaurants has emerged. Additionally, pubs that used to excel at serving football enthusiasts now provide luminous green juices and truffle-poached eggs.

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