Now is the time to invest in property in London

Economic austerity has proven difficult, but the clouds are clearing as the recovery has finally pushed our economy forward, hitting the pre-crisis peak. London, in particular, has benefited from this recovery, with the housing market experiencing a surge. Every property from rental properties to top-end houses are in high demand and it truly is a market to invest in while the time is right. The housing market is notoriously fickle, meaning that property owners should be ready to sell their investments and potential owners should take the time to invest now.

As one of the foremost property investment companies in the London, we are seeing the effects of economic recovery first hand. House prices are soaring at the moment and people across London are making significant gains on their investments. In some cases, people have made profits of over one million pounds on their investments! These impressive figures come thanks to a surging economy and a housing market in London which moves from strength to strength with each passing week. If you are outside of Britain, then an investment in property in London is something that should be considered. Profits of up to 39% can be made thanks to the weakness of other currencies against the pound that is strengthening constantly.

There is no better time to invest in property and Finefair are here to help. We have worked with numerous investors to find the properties that are best for them and we have worked with everyone from first-time landlords to owners of sprawling portfolios containing many unique properties. Our experience means property owners can benefit from our help and advice in maximising the income from their property and renovating it in such a way to make extraordinary gains within this thriving market. On top of this, we work closely with councils for boroughs across London such as the City of Westminster, Croydon, Hounslow, Bromley and Islington, to name just a few. This means that our services are trustworthy and our expertise is unrivalled.

It is all about choosing the right time to purchase which is why our experts, with their advanced knowledge of the housing market, can not only help you sell, but help you find the right time to sell. A month can be the difference between several thousand pounds of worth in gains or losses off of your investment. By hiring our services, you can be assured that we will help you purchase at the right time and for the right price. When you choose Finefair to help you invest in property within London, you are choosing a highly experienced company who can help you make the best investments possible. Once your investment is made, we can offer a host of other services to help you make an ongoing success of your property, from block management to guaranteed rent.